Puppy Training

The Pampered Puppy Program

puppy training Naperville

Are you having trouble potty training your puppy? Are you not getting any sleep at night because your puppy is whining? No need to get frustrated anymore because we offer puppy training that is affordable, effective, and can be customized to fit your dog training needs!

Getting a puppy shouldn’t be frustrating or hard, but often times is due to not understanding what your new dog needs. Our Pampered Puppy Program is a great choice for new dog owners whose main concern is potty training their new dog. Your puppy will stay at our home and learn all the key components to having a happy dog!

Once your puppy has finished their training program then it’s your time to learn everything! That way you and your puppy are now on the same page; which means once you return home you must make sure you maintain the training your puppy has recently learned. If you do not maintain the newly taught training, then it is very likely your puppy will return to using the same behaviors that previously worked for him or her.

Your Puppy Will:
  • Ring bells to let you know they need to go out to potty
  • Was nicely next to you on leash
  • Come when called
  • Learn basic obedience commands
  • Greet people calmly
  • Gain confidence
  • Look to you for direction and leadership
Your Puppy Will Stop:
  • Having accidents in the house
  • Whining and/or barking
  • Destroying stuff
  • Nipping and/or biting
  • Running away from you
  • Getting aggressive
  • Ignoring you
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